Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am a machine

Just finished my response to La Jetee for this Grad class. The music is just filler (i dont have the rites, nor do i think it really fits what i'm going for) but its a good song and it syncs pretty well. Thanks Muse, don't sue me...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And then there's Le Corbusier

The next logical step in the mathematical evaluation of human physical perfection. Le Corbusier was an architect, and an example of Western academia (yes, i am very much part of it), whose banal existentialist theoreticals consume enough of our time that global (human) equity hasn't yet been achieved. The citadels of western thought have very comfortable couches to think on.

What if Da Vinci had a camera?

He did use the camera lucida to draw his perfect man. His seeing of his model was a three part translation from eye to mind to hand. His study is an idealized form, at least as idealized as the medium of sketching (with rulers and compasses, and reflected light) would allow for. In this digital sketch, i've revisited da vinci's concept using the medium of our time, which theoretically should produce an even more idealized form of man based on complex algorithms and computational technology. I am aware that this specific piece is not perfect in practice, however it does at least illustrate the theory.

I've erased the face and skin tone to allow this idealization to apply to a global humanity beyond the Anglo-Saxon/ Grecco-Roman cultural monopolies.

Problematic (an email i just sent to a professor)

hey ____,
i found this image i did awhile ago, and it feels kind of right for me, i think what i'm really interested in is the illusion of reality? the surface, first glance versus the under layers of experience. i think what ive been try to do with my thesis is focus on a too specific aspect of that way of thinking, and confusing myself. in a broader sense, i want to focus on implications of contrived reality. this image sort of does that for me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Look who's Famous!!!

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